Basic Whelping Kit


The basics requirements for whelping a litter

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About This Product

Basic Whelping Kit

This kit is our basic kit for the delivering of puppies

Our kits contain:

  • Stainless Steel Forceps – Clamping umbilical cords
  • Surgical Scissors – Cutting Umbilical Cords
  • Un-waxed dental floss  – For tying umbilical cords
  • KY Jelly x 2 – For inserting Thermometer probe
  • Surgical Gloves – To keep your hands clean
  • Digital Thermometer – Taking temperature 
  •  Nasal Suction Bulb – Aspiration, to remove mucus in nasal and mouth
  • 6 x Alcohol Wipes – Sterilize equipment
  • 6 x Iodine Wipes – Wipe wounds / umbilical cords
  • 6 x Clamps – Clamping umbilical cords
  • Plastic Kidney Dish – To count placentas or for holding equipment
  • 12 packet of whelping Velcro collars – Puppy identification 

*Please note products packaging may vary slightly from photo


We also sell “Ultimate” Whelping kit which has additional necessity items for raising puppies, formulas to assist with feeding, nutritional supplements to help weaker pups and feeding aids. 

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