Di Vetelact 375g


Dog Milk is a nutritionally complete and balanced powdered milk formula food for orphaned and early weaned puppies. 27g Satchel makes 200mls

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About This Product

Features & benefits

• Di-Vetelact Original is a delicious premium powdered milk replacer and nutritional supplement

• It is scientifically formulated with the optimum crude ratios of fatty acids, important amino acids and 13 high quality vitamins and 12 minerals.

• Low lactose for easy digestion and maximum absorption.

• Provides premium nutrition for sustained growth, development and vitality of animals from infancy through to senior years.

• Di-Vetelact was Australia’s first scientifically formulated animal milk replacer and nutritional supplement. It has successfully reared and supported the nutritional requirements of Australian pets and wildlife for over 40 years.

• Suitable as a milk replacement for orphaned and early-weaned animals. For older animals, this supplement can be used either in powder or liquid form.

• Great for puppies, kittens, small pets such as rabbits and guinea pigs. Also suitable for horses, farm animals and marsupials.

• Packed with nutrients to maintain your pet’s overall health and help them recover from illness.

Additional information

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