Ultimate Whelping Kit


This Whelping kit has everything one needs for whelping and raising puppies. A must have for breeders.

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About This Product

  • Ultimate Whelping Kit

    This Whelping Kit is a must have for any dog breeder.
    Our kits contains,

    •  Plastic Storage Box – Storage of your whelping supplies
    • Stainless Steel Forceps – Clamping umbilical cords
    • Surgical Scissors – Cutting Umbilical cords
    • Un-waxed dental floss – Tying Umbilical Cords
    • KY Jelly x 3 – Lubrication for temp probe
    •  Feeding Tube  – Feeding puppies that have no sucking reflex 5fr or 6fr
    • Surgical Gloves – Keeping your hands clean
    • Troy Puppy Wormer – Keeping your puppies parasite free
    • Digital Thermometer – Taking mummy dog temp before labor it will drop, after birth to check any temp
    • Nasal Suction Bulb – Mucus removal
    • 12 Velcro ID collars – Identification in litters
    • Bottle & teat 120ml size (Please let us know the size or small dog will be sent) – For feeding pups
    • Syringes * 1ml x 3,  3ml x 2 and 5ml x 2 – Used directly for feeding or with feeding tube, administering medication
    • Energel – Life saving glucose syrup for puppies that are weak, mummy dogs that need extra energy
    • Impact Colostrum – To be given within the first 24 hours of birth to give antibodies for higher survival rate
    • 6 x Alcohol Wipes – Sterilizing equipment
    • 6 x Iodine Wipes – Wiping umbilical cords
    • 6 x Clamps – Clamping umbilical cords
    • Plastic Kidney Dish 700 ml
    • Ossol Calcium Syrup – Another vital product for mummy dog after the birth of her puppies and it doesn’t drain her own natural supply of Calcium and get milk fever. Also assist settle female after birth.
    • Wombaroo 215gram Puppy formula

Additional information

Weight 1.600000 g
Dimensions 23.000000 × 32.000000 × 10.000000 cm

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